Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, & Buddha as one | By: Vanessa Guild

___Some Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists have killed; however, if Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and Buddha were all in a room together they would probably simply sit and smile at one another. Moses wouldn’t kill Buddha. Muhammad wouldn’t judge Jesus and Jesus wouldn’t shoot Muhammad or Buddha dead. So why do the some of the followers of these religions judge and kill? With over 7 billion people on the planet who is to say who is right? When did love not become right? Love is taught in all of these doctrines. The Golden Rule of, “Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is mentioned in all of these theologies as well. Yet some Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists forget the very core of their own religion, which is to love… everything else is dogma.

___If you were blindfolded and could not see and held a persons’ hand, would you be able to tell if that person was a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or a Buddhist? Would you be able to tell if the person was hispanic, white, middle eastern or black? Would you be able to tell if he or she were rich or poor? Wouldn’t it merely be a beautiful human-hand, in your hand, hand in hand in humanity?

World Leaders____Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and Buddha understood compassion, love and grace. They did not speak about seeing differences and being, “right.” They spoke of peace, unity and equanimity. They understood that humanity was interdependent, that we needed one another to survive. For example, the food on your dinner table came from the farmer, the truck driver, and the individuals at the grocery store whom all worked together to bring you, your food. What if the farmer was a Muslim, the truck driver a Jew, and the grocery store owner a Buddhist? Would you then not eat your dinner since these philosophies might be different from your own? Tell me you see the insanity in only seeing the differences rather than awaking to the Oneness that we all, already, are. We need each other. We are not our religions. We are our humanity, a global village in a home called Earth; a home that if we do not start changing the way we think, will no longer be around in about a 100 years.

___To love or not to love, isn’t that the real question? Isn’t it time to finally be what was actually taught, and stop thinking that your way, is the only “right” way? “Love” and “right” are opposites. If you were to break down Christianity, for example, to just one phrase, it would be, To Love. Yet how many Christians still judge and judge all the time? Jesus was love, taught love, lived love and even died with love in his heart. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do,” is what Christ said, as he was dying and he wasn’t kidding. War and religion being hand in hand, rather than different religions being hand in hand, is simply, insanity.

___Take all the great religious books today, tear out all their pages and write one word, LOVE. Love is religion. Love yourself. Love others. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, is religion. Folks, honestly, we just don’t have time for anything else. Stop, believing the judgments of your own mind~ all of which have nothing to do with love. If you have not love, you have nothing. Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and Buddha sitting in a room together would indeed all~ smile at one another. It is more then time, now, today, for all of us, to do the same.


(Thank you Murshid Khabir Don Kitz for the immeasurable concept of all of the great world religion leaders sitting together, it will forever live within me)


Written by: Vanessa Guild


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