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Untitled.pngf                  Stress can enter your life in the sneakiest ways that can alter your mood and intervene with your health. In this fast paced society, the days seem as if someone is clocking your time to get everything that you have on your to-do list done at the fastest time. The average person feels overwhelmed with emotions and there just seems to not be enough time in the day to accomplish everything. One of the main problems is that the brain is not getting enough “rest” which results in the body becoming agitated preventing necessary eating throughout the day or proper sleep at night. If you are someone struggling with stress, I am here to tell you that I have been there and that there are ways to help yourself fall out of that awful situation. You do not deserve constant head-aches or mood swings, here are some top areas that might be causing stress in your life:

  1. Over committing yourself- You can have your agenda color coded until next year, but your body has its limits and you cannot do it all as much as you would like or think that you can. There will be someone else willing to take the cake to the baby shower, you don’t always have to be the “yes” person to everything. It is ok for once in a while say no, even if you have some room in your schedule, take that time for yourself.
  2. Lack of organization- You can have 5 things on your to do list or 1 but without proper time management, it may seem like you have to carry a load of problems all within an impossible deadline. At some point in the day before, think about the next day and everything that you have to accomplish and figure out the most reasonable way to get everything done without giving yourself the unnecessary head ache. If the day requires you to wake up early, make sure you sleep earlier the night before to get proper rest. If you are able to squeeze in a break throughout the day, make it happen! Find a way to organize the day without feeling the load of it all.
  3. Mind games- Believe it or not, we are all too hard on ourselves. We have been taught that our life is a competition and we all want to be the perfect candidate. Overthinking and perfectionism can unconsciously cause stress. Whether you are going out on your first date, or you are getting ready to enter the most important job interview of your life, RELAX. Whatever happens is going to happen, stressing about it is not going to alter the future of things. Always allow yourself to stay calm and collected when important events enter your life and have a little faith that things will turn out to be ok.


Here are a few things that you can do to relieve some unwanted stress in your life:

  • Listen to music: Weather you make it a new routine in the morning, at night, or at some point in your day. Stop- pop in some earphones, close your eyes, and quiet your brain for a while. Listen to some soothing music that can help you relax for 5-10minutes. It is magical what some peace for a while can do for your brain. Allow yourself some time to ease and recharge to continue on with your day.


  • Think it through: If you find yourself in a stressful situation, take a couple of minutes to think things through. Is it worth it to feel this way? Why am I feeling like this? What can I do to remain calm? Sometimes all you need is to find out the problem and quickly come up with a solution that can help you right away. Some of the easiest things that I’ve come up with is to take a couple of deep breaths or just laugh it off!
  • Talk it out- A friendly voice can be just the proper medicine. If you find yourself running up and down all week and haven’t had any contact with anyone, give yourself a time to phone a friend or schedule a small coffee date. An easy going conversation can help your mood and hearing advice or motivation from someone other than yourself can be very encouraging.


  • Exercise and Sleep- Your body may need it. A simple jog, a yoga class, or even stretching your body can give re-energize you and help realize endorphins, getting your blood flow going is good for the body. Proper sleep is always a must. The average person needs about 6-8ho
    urs of rest at night to have the necessary energy to properly function the next day, maybe add in a 20 minute power nap to re boost some energy to keep you going.


Stress is manageable and un-necessary. If you are someone suffering from stress, take some of the tips from above and help yourself figure out what is causing it in your life. You may need one specific method of reliving it, or all of the ones I mentioned above, just as long as you keep your mind and body in a state of relaxation. Life can bring many difficult and stressful situations but they are not worth your health and happiness.


Written by: Valeria Ochoa

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