What would life away from life be like?

          Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a forest? Perhaps maybe the jungle where cellphones and computerized machines are inaccessible? In 2015, Industrialization and technology seem to be growing exponentially. As cities grow, access to computer based technology be10409632_4489280127049_3947102634369946456_ncomes very common, almost a necessity. This seems to be the norm for us and we are so accustomedto it that we barely stop to question what a life without it would be like. According to our current ancient history, computer technology is relatively new to our planet. Before the 20th century we relied on man-made mechanisms such as pens, paper, books, and just natural mental photographic memory. It is hard to argue against the fact that we have come a very long way, but have we lost touch with the earth?

There is a clear, yet unprecedented, connection between our souls and mother earth. We tend to get a euphoric joy out of soaking up in the sun, lying on the grass, and just listening to the water in a nearby stream. Now, my question to you is, when was the last time you did something like this? When was the last time you drove out into a nearby forest mountain and hiked your way to the top? Ever lay out on an open field with nothing but your own self-reflection? It seems that in our day and age, people are more connected to the digital network of cyberspace and less connected to the fundamental being of our planet earth.


Lucky for our future419316_1954720524643_93778822_n generations, many people are waking up to this reality and making it a mission to establish a control over technology and detach them selves, at least occasionally, to reconnect with nature. There is something magical about leaving your corporate agenda at home for the weekend and taking a trip with all of your friends to the middle of nowhere to do nothing more than connect with each other and your natural surroundings.


Your friends from Truth Net Media, including myself, recently took a getaway trip to the beautiful state of Oklahoma to do just this. We got a tent and supplies and collected everyone’s phone before gathering around the fire. Here we laughed, sang, and shared stories with the friends we happened to meet there. The bonding we experienced was indescribable and the feeling of euphoria we received gave us enough energy to push us for the rest of the month. I truly encourage everyone to participate in something like this. Even if you go hiking in your hometown, nature is an essential part of life. When we reconnect, the universe seems to reward us and gives us a taste of that happy life we all desire.images-1

Written by Camilo Latorre


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