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The more people learn about the conditions inside atrocious industrial farms, the more they are saying no to harmful treatment toward the environment and farmed animals.

While going vegan, or at least vegetarian, is the most effective way to reduce demand for animal-based products, there are plenty of other methods to participate in which help end factory farming.

Learning the facts, following up with actions to raise awareness, and spreading that knowledge to the misinformed impacts the system over time.


Here are five ways to alleviate the issues circulating industrial animal farming without completely transforming your eating habits:


  • Sign petitions- Show the agricultural departments, legislators and Big-Ag manufacturers your voice.   Aside from changing your eating habits, the power to affect the system through expressing your opinion is one of the most advantageous ways you can reflect change. One important petition circulating is to make farm animal cruelty a felony in all 50 states. If we are sickened by the conditions of overcrowded puppy mills and the mistreatment/abuse toward animals that are our pets, why doesn’t this unconditional love extend to farm animals? Is it because that is what they are bred for? Because they are not an endangered species? Shouldn’t such respect extend to all living creatures?


  • Support Local Campaigns- there are many local operations that are bringing about a difference in your region. This includes animal rights and welfare groups, leafleting campaigns, awareness days and political demonstrations.


  • Buy Local Produce and Understand Your Products- Boycotting factory farm output extends far beyond animal farming. Support local farmers markets and shops that share your values. Promote small organic farming. If you decide to buy animal products, find out how and by whom they were produced. Were the animals raised in compact confinement? Were they provided with fresh air? Did they have proper space to be the natural animal they are born to be?
  • Farm Animal Sanctuaries- some of the leading organizations in fighting industrial farming, animal sanctuaries provide rehabilitation to animals that suffered from factory farming. Aside from providing care to rescued animals, they share educational resources and learning environments to the uninformed public about the process of intensive animal farming. Supporting these sanctuaries on social media, through donations and backing their campaigns helps spread the message and stir a revolution.


  • Spread Awarenesmaxresdefaults- A majority of the public is unaware on the implications of factory farming. This is a problem hidden by mainstream media and requires the voice of those who are knowledge in the subject. Explain to your friends and family about the issue in a way they can relate to. This has more influence than reprimanding them for purchasing factory-farmed meat. While industrial farming won’t disappear overnight, combining efforts amongst the public with lower the suffering of factory farmed animals and the environment.


Written by: Madison Carrier

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