Listen to your Heart!

Do you ever feel like you are living a life you were not supposed to live? As if you were wearing someone else's shoes while the running shoes with your name remain in your basement with so much dust pilled on top that you dont even know where to find them anymore.

Life too often falls under a category in which people find themselves living a life directed by others and not one in which we listen to our own instincts and our gut. According to a publication in the the Washington post last weekend, public speaking has been ranked as the number fear in America for the past 7 years. What does this say about a culture that is supposed to be individualistic, and tenacious when presenting oneself? Do our appearance reflect what we have inside or is it a front that merely hides our insecurities and our inability to project ourselves to society? Seems like now a days everybody is chasing a life already projected to them by society, parents, schools, friends, and somewhere along the line we abandon our own dreams and goals to pursue what may perhaps be the "safe route"; a 9-5 job working registrar for a corporation that may very surely dispose of your abilities because someone else will do it for cheaper.

Fast forward 40 years into your life, now you are married, have three kids, but your youngest one is finally headed off to college. Once again the house is empty and again you are faced and confronted with your own conscience and inner voice urging you to go pursue your not yet fulfilled dreams. This voice is relentless and tells you that there is still enough time to be happy and accomplish what you always dreamed of. Perhaps you always wanted to be a singer, painter, dancer, poet, preacher, etc, but you always listened to those telling you that becoming a lawyer or a doctor was a safer choice. Avoiding risks puts you in a plateau of sorrows and regret and now once again life's circumstances are making you reflect. Doesn't matter what stage you are in life I believe no matter what, Michael Jordan would tell you to go take matters into your own hands and stop listening to others who want to pilot your life.

Every body born human has had struggles to go through at many instances in their life, but like Rocky Balboa says, "its not about getting hit and falling down in life, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward". Life isnt a box of chocolates in the sense that the next chocolate you grab will be delicious, but rather in the sense that you never know what you are going to get. Not you, not your friends, parents, or even teachers, know what the future holds. The only thing sure in life is death, and until we dont learn how to truly live we wont ever be ready and will always be afraid of death. "All men die but not all men live" - Braveheart.

I encourage you to stop listening to the plans others have for your life even when they say they know the outcome of tomorrow. No one knows this outcome but at the end of your marathon called life, all that matters is if you enjoyed the run and journey up to the inevitable point we all arrive to; death. If you want to sing but haven't sang for over 10 years, go ahead and start singing, dance again, fight again, follow your heart and you will see that the fear of the unknown will become your strength and the adrenaline to continue moving forward into the life you were born to live.

Written by Juan Angulo


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