A BLOW TO SOCIETY: Mass Media Facade

Many of us in this day and age have unconsciously committed suicide. Living in a society that exploits our sensitivities and deepest flaws we are drawn to believe that perfection has a number and size. It has a certain colour and appearance. This diseased mentality and ideology is openly sold through all forms of media until it gains the support of the people. Such an ill thinking is force fed to our youth more than the older generations, reason being they are more vulnerable and eager to create an image for themselves.a37bf046da5736c037e5b840871027bb

As the perceptions of beauty constantly and quite irregularly change we find ourselves also in the midst of constant and irregular change. To abolish this social hierarchy is impossible, controlled by powers much larger than us we cannot bring down an empire to which we have no access. But this is not the only problem; we cannot encourage the belief of individualism when the hierarchy has not even been recognized as an imposing reign on the average person. Too much change is a red light, or should be. Change with the intention for good is often needed to ensure progress in a society; however change that is too frequent and pertaining to irrelevant aspects of a society will definitely upset the system.

An upset system will lead to many casualties of different forms. Today we face social unrest within the youth; bulimia, anorexia, bullying, victimization, suicide, drugs, the act of rebellion on severe scales. The first thing we do when presented with these implications is look for someone to blame. Though we cannot pin point a perpetrator we can allocate the greatest influence. We cannot change action without thought. One of the underlying problems when it comes to addressing these issues is trying to convince the subject that the source of their actions is poisonous.

David lck once said, “The greatest form of control is where you think you’re free, when you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch it. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars so you think you’re free.” This is exactly the situation we writhe in today. The first step in conquering a fault is realizing it. Modern culture has impaired our natural ability to decipher just where to draw the line, so much so that we have forgotten we’re holding the pen.

Although we have cited issues that plague our community, we have not cited the source. As David lck has so lucidly put it, we suffer from mass unconsciousness. These new systems and trends begin and end so quickly that we have no time to process the effect it has on us in the long run. There is no functional basis upon which we can establish an identity because the platform isn’t permanent hence we find ourselves constantly gasping for air. There is a reason our minds cannot cope with modern culture, we are in no way equipped for information overloads, and unlike computers we cannot simply reboot and continue. Our brains require time to adjust to change, especially Change on such a large scale.9753846_67b1c06497_b

The effect of media on us is like the effect of war on a country; whether or not you are a direct participant you are bound to be affected in some way. Our thinking patterns, our lifestyle choices are a result of how much of mass media influence we allow in.

There has always existed the conflict of positive media vs negative media. In the end one could conclude that opposing aspects of the same mother balance each other out. However, in spite of positive media, we all seem to shove away its shadowing neighbour purely because we do not wish to admit that most media is dangerous. When we speak of media, how many of us really use it to our benefit and advantage except when we are forced to. Only a handful of out every fifty individuals willingly utilize the media for beneficial factors and even so there is still use of the negative. We cannot simply ignore the aftermath of illicit media just because there is an opposing side.

Dont-trust-the-corporate-media-426x240They say history repeats itself. Rationally, when a problem arises, before dealing with solutions we are to purge the cause, so as to ensure there is no repeat. The media is a feeding ground. Take something as small as fashion trends or any trend at all. The thing with trends is everyone wants to be a part of it, only a select few do not. Trends are things we can relate to, because even if we aren’t following them we probably know of someone who is and this allows us to connect on a social level even if we do not speak the same tongue. But trends are not always healthy. Sometimes and in most cases being a part of the “in crowd” becomes an unhealthy obsession. We allow our senses to follow anything and everything on the internet without questioning whether it is befitting to us or actually good for us in any way thus we become enslaved to an ever changing culture.

When people develop unhealthy obsessions they are unable to think of anything except whatever it is they drawn to. These obsessions become like drugs, deprivation of a “fix” will cause irritability and unrest and often other responsibilities in the individual’s life are neglected. In conclusion we cannot obviously ostracize the media as whole but we can encourage a mentality that is free thinking and unchained. As they say, take what is good and leave what is not.


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