As the New Year settles in, we again find ourselves with the word “change” on chapped lips. So it is to say that many of us keep this word in our mouths like a mint; once its flavour is lost, so too are our resolutions. Now that 2015 has been rolled up and put away we prepare ourselves for a global review: what has 2015 left us with? Carrying over conflicts and strengthened regimes, solutions are becoming narrower. Leaving tragedies “behind” is not so much a closed curtain than a lie for comfort. In the midst of our lists concerning what we wish to achieve, the list for global change is again renewed.

What can we expect from 2016? Time is essentially measured against us. With each year passing exceedingly faster than the last, what progression have we made, as a society to deal with whatever conflicts we face on any sort of level? Take islamaphobia for discussion. Terrorist attacks are undeniably worsening and most western countries have felt these tremors. Keeping in mind that these terrorist attacks are perpetrated by people the media claims “difficult to unmask” the hostility towards Islam is steadily increasing.

Will 2016 counter more than just the issues that the United Nations deems take preference among others? The success of the year is solely dependent on the base it is supported upon – which is its people. Raising a global community with the right education on tolerance, on human moral is what we need to aim for this year. We have a new generation being planted, which means new opportunities for change. In the long run, we need to focus on what we can do together instead what we can do just by ourselves.

The past year has given us many tombstones; black lives matter; Ferguson; Charleston shooting; chapel hill shooting; Sandra bland; Freddie grey; terrorism; Charlie hebdo; Palestine; Isis; Planned Parenthood; Syria; boko haram; Iraq; immigration; Israel; refugees; gun control; Gaza; conservation; Ukraine; vaccination; mizzou protests; minimum wage; flooding; Tony Robinson; Walter Scott; Kim Davis; hurricane particia; police brutality etc. Hundreds of years may pass before we actually take any action to improve our current standing regarding all these issues.

Tension seems to be rising in unexpected parts with the recent ban on all relations between UAE and Iran. New problems are bound to arise; it is only the nature of life. However, how long will it be before each issue is recognised as a growing threat to the dismantling of an entire civilization, and how will we stop this from happening without executing ourselves in the process? We cannot change most of what burdens us, but we can start. Although a lot of what happens is directly dealt with by our governments, the larger force would be the hands beneath it. Capability for change on the scale we wish for it to take place is a long road. I don’t think we will live to see it. But with the right mind-set, with the right teaching, we can instil our visions in the generation to come. Time can be either a grenade or a tool.



Written by The Poetical Arsonist


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