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Love is one of the strongest forces in the world. Love can make or break you because it is an emotion that goes beyond our own reasoning, a power that drives us to places imaginable and makes us feel and do the craziest things for people without the slightest question. Out of love, we sometimes feel the urge to help others when they are in need, or do the unwanted tasks that parents ask us for, or simply show it with a hug or kiss. Whether you are single at the present time because you are waiting for that “IT” person, or just went through a recent break-up, or you just don’t have the time for a relationship at the moment, I am here to tell you that it is ok.

There is one love that everyone is after and that is the love with a significant other. Whether we have had 30 lovers in the past or none at all, we have a dream to one day find that one person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with and that is a scary wonderful thought. Throughout our lives we have probably given it a thought or two of how we want that other person to be and sometimes, we get very precise on the matter. From the inner qualities to the outer physical traits, we have pictured that one person in our imagination and have our eyes fixed and ready for when we find it. Some of us, have been extremely patient and have allowed faith to work the miracle for us while some of us, have tested lots of fish and have established the process of cross elimination.

And for whatever reason, you find yourself alone. Some days you can feel like you don’t need anyone else to make you happy while others, you just want someone there to crawl under a blanket with and hug you for hours and hours. You might begin to question if something is wrong with you and why no one takes you into account and that can have you feeling sad or put thoughts in your mind that you will never find that other person. Or maybe you are strolling through this single life like a boss and just know that everything will work out. At whatever position you are in the scale of waiting, there is a way to utilize this time.

Take this time for you. That might sound selfish but maybe there is an inner hole that you are trying to fill with someone else while it’s waiting to be filled by your own love towards yourself. Reevaluate what it is that you want. If you have been dating or waiting on someone that you have pictured a certain way your whole life and it doesn’t seem to ever work out, maybe you need to reevaluate what qualities you thought you wanted in a person and why they never seem to work out and establish new one. Give someone you never would consider dating a chance and see if it magically happens to work out, you never know if you can learn to love someone you never thought possible. If you seem to dive into a relationship too fast or too slow, pace yourself differently for the next one so you don’t commit the same mistakes. If you are one to be scared to show your feelings for a certain someone afraid of the outcome, take a chance, you never know if that other person feels the same way towards you. Begin with a simple friendship with someone you care about, life has its funny ways of working things out, go by the span of things and trust on the timing of life. If you are one to be cautious and waiting for the right moment, or when you feel like you’ll have more time to give, keep on going, if you know that at the present moment that is what is bringing you more peace, along the way you will eventually run across that perspicture 2on that takes you off your guard.

Love is needed by us all but a relationship takes time, respect, trust, and care that eventually turns to love. Evaluate your position in your single life, what it is that you want or why things don’t seem to be working out. Find a way to fill those emotions of loneliness and replace them with other things that can bring you joy like family and friends. Have a little faith that life is never against you but wants the best for you and that your special person is going through the same journey of finding love and eventually will find each other.


Valeria Ochoa

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