A new day


A new day has come,
with its battles
and its joys.

A new day has come!

One to not be worrisome.
for though we really do not know,
if this one
is the one
where our days will fade away
forever on this earth.
No fear!
How could one ever plan
the mysteries to be encountered
on this day?

So why would one lament,
the beautiful knowledge we all know,
that we will all
to dust return?

And it very well
maybe today!
Let us rejoice then
and celebrate
the fact that we do not know
the moment of our destiny.
And cherish right now,
it will never happen again.

Let us contemplate that the only certain thing we know about the future and our human experience, is that we will die. The saints constantly remind us of this meditation to be more aware of our reality, and what it implies for us to be alive on this earth for a limited time. Not to be fearful of this destiny we all share, but to recognize how precious each moment is, and how diligently we must work to make each moment count. Because at the end, what we didn't live, we will never live.



Written by Andres Angulo

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