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Lockheed Martin employees met for their second monthly prayer breakfast on Friday, December 8, 5am at the Ol' South Pancake House. Jose Daniel welcomed the employees from various departments and encourage others to share their experience to motivate others. He explained the importance of connecting and supporting one another at workplace. During the breakfast, a few employees stood up to share a few words of encouragement and what helped them remain successful in the work.

Vice President of the F-35 production business unit Greg Ulmer started his speech with a scripture from the bible that enabled him to get through his difficult seasons in life. He emphasized the importance of accountability and how it helped him in succeed in his position. He encouraged employees to be a model inside and outside the work. With the season of Advent kicking off in the Christian faith, Greg implored his fellow employees to reach out to their fellow employees to see how they are doing. "It is nearly impossible to tell what is truly going on in someone's life. Although there may be a smile on the surface, deep down inside we don't know what their struggles are."

Right afterwards, Craig Kennedy, Director of Program Management, shared his experience on building relationships and the main reason why he celebrates Christmas. With all the relationships that he has built from work and the way they have flourished, he does not believe in coincidences, especially when it comes to God. One of the most unique things about Christmas is that it is a universal day that both believers and non believers come to celebrate. This provides an opportunity for Christians to share to non-believers why Christmas is more than just a holiday that they celebrate.

Bruce Feuerhelm, a Manufacturing Engineer, piggy backed on the significance of establishing relationships, but also serving with humility. He referenced one of his most influential figures in the world, Jesus Christ. Jesus came to serve the world, not to be served but to serve. He even washed the feet of the one who would betray him, Judas. Bruce believes that being humble and serving others is the one of the most important things any believer of the Christian faith can do. He challenged everyone to engage with someone at work and find ways that they can serve them.

Importance of Sharing and Caring was the common message throughout the meeting. Zach Alexander and Mike Slimmer led the group in prayer. In addition to the group prayed for several prayer requests, group also prayed for the Senior Leadership at the company.  At one point, everyone was given quiet time to pray for someone who they knew was currently going undergoing a difficult season in life.

This meeting was more unique than the meeting before because of diverse attendees including non-Christian attendees. Darius Pang, a Manufacturing Engineer, was very encouraged to participate in such a caring meeting at workplace first time in his life. Jose believes that his faith in God helped to overcome several difficulties in his life, so he wants others to have a good experience in their life by trusting God. With so many people going through certain challenge(s) in life, he believes this is an open door for them to experience something that will impact the rest of their lives forever. Jose will host the next meeting on January 5th at 5am and invites everyone at Lockheed Martin to start the new year in prayer.

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