NEWS: Act of kindness goes viral

A young woman helped a blind Chicago Cubs fan and her act of kindness went viral.

Casey Spelman didn’t think twice about helping Chicago Cubs fan Yusef Dale, who is blind, hail down a cab in Wrigleyville, Chicago, on Saturday.

"A blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab".

“There’s so much negative stuff going on in the world and this was the opposite of that”, Hamilton said. “It’s cool she’s getting the recognition but you could tell that’s not why she did it”.

Dale, an assistant U.S. attorney, has also highlighted the way that Spelman “did not presume I was incompetent or unable”. 

“She didn’t get in my personal space and most importantly, she didn’t touch me, which is an issue for some people with disabilities”, he told WGN.

But Spelman has played down the deed. “It should be more normal”, she told Eyewitness News. “It shouldn’t be something people are surprised about”. 

With Hamilton’s post garnering more than 17,000 likes, he told HuffPost he thought it was “testament to the good nature of humanity to see the way it has begun to spread”.

“A small act of kindness, coincidentally captured in three quick photos, has inspired so many and touched the hearts of thousands”, he added.


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