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hospitalLets talk about the War in Syria with Russia fighting ISIS. Better yet, lets talk about what happened recently in Afghanistan where the Doctors Without Borders Hospital was bombed by the United States Air Force that left 12 hospital staff members and 10 patients dead. General John Campbell testified on Tuesday in front of the Senate Armed Forces Committee that a AC-130 gunship was indeed responsible for the attack and destruction of the hospital. An airstrike was called over the past weekend when US and Afghan forces were mobilizing to reclaim the city of Kunduz from the Taliban. As shots were fired from both sides, an airstrike was approved to destroy the one and only hospital in the city. Before explaining why the hospital was targeted, it is helpful to explain what the Doctors Without Borders hospital is. This hospital has been known to treat wounded individuals of both sides and takes great pride for this noble service. DWB, better known as MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) believe this was a war crime and violation of international law. For those who are unfamiliar with war, a hospital must provide it's location to aiding forces and civilians of the country in the time of war  under treaty law to prevent any attacks or destruction.

So why did the US bomb MSF for almost an hour? We will have to get to that after explaining the four different narratives and accounts presented by the Pentagon. From the onset of the attack, early Saturday morning, the Pentagon would not confirm the strike on MSF despite staff members testifying about patients being burned to death and doctors dying. After the hospital was bombed, the Pentagon then confirmed their statement that MSF received "collateral damage" in an airstrike against "individuals threatening" Afghan forces that were nearby the "vicinity." Then on Sunday the Pentagon clarified its original statement that MSF indeed was directly struck, but no further details of the situation were provided. On Monday however, General Campbell extensively adjusted the narrative that Afghan forces had called the airstrike while fighting with the Taliban nearby. This then leads up to Tuesdays announcement where General Campbell confirmed that the U.S. Special Forces were responsible for communicating with the gunship to attack the hospital due to request of Afghan troops."Even though the Afghans requested that support, it still has to go through a rigorous US procedure to enable fires to go on the ground," he told the committee. "We had a special operations unit that was in close vicinity that was talking to the aircraft that delivered those fires." Campbell closed with claiming that an internal investigation is underway and despite no due date, it will be released within 30 days.

hospital1This drew outrage for MSF staff members, especially Jason Cone who is the executive of MSF-USA. Cone provided this statement for the incident. "Today's statement from General Campbell is just the latest in a long list of confusing accounts from the US military." "They are now back to talking about a 'mistake'. A mistake that lasted for more than an hour, despite the fact that the location of the hospital was well known to them." On the other hand, Democratic and Republican senators on the committee lacked any cause of concern and were satisfied with the statements General Campbell had said. For example Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas blamed the hospital for hosting Taliban soldiers with this statement. "Is there anyone at root to blame for this incident other than the Taliban for going into a civilian area and fighting among civilian targets?"

Amidst the debates from both sides and their accounts of the incident, it has been confirmed that MSF Hospital was attacked and bombed by US forces which resulted in 22 innocent casualties. Doesn't the MSF deserve an explanation for this horrible tragedy? The Pentagon which is responsible for the safety of the American people could not come up with a direct explanation the first time it was asked about the incident. As a matter of fact, they had to modify their statements 5 times, but still could not come up with a conclusion of the event. Why is it that the Pentagon continue to provide so many different narratives when questioned about their mistakes? Should this incident be forgotten and everybody move on to find something else that attracts their minds? The mainstream media has focused on other imperative issues such as Bill Cosby facing trial or Russia violating rules for fighting against ISIS in Syria. When a story such as this requires 30 days for an explanation, people will forget this incident nor pay attention to it when it is brought up again. So the questions begs, are you paying your full undivided attention to things that are significant, beneficial towards you and others or something that will distract you for pleasure?

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