Always New

Oh Lord!

Almighty in Love and Light!
Tell me where to go
Where Your Love always flows
Always new, never growing old
Never growing old

Tell me where to go
Where I can find you
your Light and your Love
Peace and no disturbance
In the land of milk n’ honey…
Milk n’ honey

That is right my Lord! That is right my Lord!
For you are sweetness, truth and love
How could I be deceived
by a love so new, never growing old?
As I find you… as I find you…
I find myself and there I delve
in a life so pure, in a life so just.
Walkin in the light, walkin where it’s right
In a land so magical
So fantastical
In the land of your heart
always so new and never growing old.

Beauty so ancient, beauty so new
It is you my Lord!
You love me… I love you!
You make my heart smile
amidst the world`s suffering
please hold my hand
and take me to that land
the land of your heart
where everything is light
and everything is right.

But please Lord, do not take me alone
Look at my brothers…
We are all in need
Come in deed,
may your kingdom come in deed.
The kingdom of your Love
The land of your heart
always so new, never growing old.

Tell me where to go
Where your love always flows
Without a beginning… without an end…
And there you show
You`re a beauty so new
Never growing old!

Written by Andres Angulo

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