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imageAt approximately 4PM outside the American Airlines Center stood a line full of people waiting to hear the leading Republican GOP Candidate Donald Trump speak for his campaign. Out of the 20,000 tickets that were distributed by ticketmaster, about 17,000 were in attendance for the anticipated speech. Whilst the people were waiting in line, just directly in front of the entrance was a rally of about 50 anti-Trump protestors. These peaceful protestors were holding signs comparing Trump to the likes of Hitler after he said he would deport 11million illegal immigrants (whom he referred to as rapist, drug dealers and criminals) and build a wall between the border of Texas and Mexico. Other signs simply said, “Dump Trump” as majority of the Latino community made it clear that Donald Trump would not win their vote during the GOP candidacy. While observing both sides, those who supported Trump clearly wanted all illegal immigrants deported as chants such as “Viva Trump” and “Viva deportation” reigned. On the other side of the barrier, chants in unison of "¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! (The people united will never be defeated!)" could be heard.


​Domingo Garcia, President of the North Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens lead a group of hundreds of peaceful protestors from various organizations and members of the surrounding communities (Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston), starting from the Cathedral Guadalupe to the front entrance of the AA Center to present an opening speech. Groups of young girls in school uniform to the renowned Next Generation Action Nextwork were in attendance to voice their views on Donald Trump words and what it meant to them. President and Minister Dominique Alexander of NGAN represented the Black Lives Matter movement and spoke out to address the ongoing issues of police brutality and Donald Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant agenda in order to unify both African American and Latino communities to prove that all lives matter. In duration of this speech outside, 17,000 people were curious to hear what Donald Trump had planned if he were elected President. Overall he discussed his plans on what he would do in order to execute his intentions of preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country as well as deporting all those who were settled in.

​Fortunately no arrests were made with the heavy presence of the Dallas PD force and FBI agents. It was clear that the Latino community were frustrated with the remarks of Donald Trump on Mexicans. They were insulted that his speeches were inducing hate and racism. The anger deepened as it appeared that he was primarily focusing on deporting illegal immigrants as his political agenda for his Presidential campaign, whilst ignoring other imperative issues such as foreign policy with Iran and Syria, as well as education and the economy in the United States. Still majority of those who came to support Trump appeared not to be concerned by those details and were willing to support his ideals for the American people. There will be a video following up on this story showing what took place during the Anti-Trump rally. Stay tuned for more at

-Alexander Lee

Sept. 14, 2015 American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX.

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  1. Naomi L. Nakao, MD 24 February, 2016 at 21:29 Reply


    Naomi L. Nakao, MD

    I am terribly worried! In fact, I am scared to death! Why? Because, in order to become a licensed doctor, lawyer, or accountant, one must pass arduous examinations. Even getting a driver’s license is no joke. The only job in this country that does not require a test is being President of the United States of America. It is more than likely that most Republican candidates could not pass an SAT test. But has anyone ever thought of testing the candidates with the real-life problems that our President must face every single day? I recommend
    The Presidency Boards.

    Barak Obama will write The Presidency Boards – a test that all of the candidates will have to take. It will include multiple choice questions like “What is the capital of Afghanistan?”, “Does Egypt have a congress?”, “What countries border Saudi Arabia?“, “Can you see Russia from your house?”, followed by an essay section entitled “The Situation Room”, wherein multiple situations are presented, and the candidates must answer in detail how they would deal with them, including who in particular they would turn to for council. The candidates will sit for this examination in an isolated room in the White House, with a strict proctor – preferably Michelle Obama – overseeing the event so that no one cheats: no lap-tops, cell phones, or crib sheets allowed. The results will be graded by our current President, the Supreme Court, and the American People!
    Passing such an examination is the very least that I would expect from my next president. I wish to ensure that a Sarah Palin will not be running our country for the next four years, and that some uninformed hot-head with an over inflated ego does not bring this country to an untimely demise. This is one reality show that I would prefer to skip, thank you very much!

    Naomi L. Nakao, MD, FACG, FASGE
    Associate Professor, Gastroenterology
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Beth Israel Medical center
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