Happy Earth Day from Apple #AppsForEarth

Apple launches campaign #AppsForEarth , aiming to help make a difference to our planet. From here until Sunday (April 24) you can buy any of the 27-featured apps, or make a purchase within the app in itself, and the entire proceeds will be going to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the WWF, but not the wrestling organization.

The apps will have features exclusively designed for the earthy campaign, promoting and focusing on ideas that conserve the planet's forest, oceans and environment.

Forests’ are being lost at a massive rate, football field sized areas are being lost 48 times every minute, and 80 percent of species that live on land live in the forests, so the whole ecological environment is being threatened. And over 100,000 marine life creatures die a year from plastic contamination in the oceans.

That is why the WWF is concerned with the ecosystems both on land and in water, and is aiming to protect the planet, through different charities, and that is why each app will be contributing its funds to a different cause; so now you can help the planet one app at a time, go on and look for them on the App Store.

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