Around 130 women get naked against Trump

Around 130 women showed their discontent with presidential candidate Donald Trump in the eve of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland by exposing their naked bodies holding mirrors facing the viewers. 

The event took place in an art installation called “Everything She Says Means Everything” in Cleveland, Ohio. The aim of the eccentric protest is to voice their claim that Trump is not qualified for the presidency.

Spencer Tunick, the mind and photographer behind this unusual event, has gathered women from different races and ages who have volunews nudenteered to support his cause. The photographer is clearly against Trump's "idiotic thinking" who later added "I can’t believe the language and rhetoric of hate against women and minorities coming from the Republican Party.”

"To be totally naked and out in the open and to be fearless is what we need to be,”  MaPo Kinnord, a 55-year-old professor, artist  and participant of the project said and later added she would “never” vote for Trump. She considers as incredibly hurtful the type of racism portrayed by Trump in his immigration and Muslim rhetoric.

However, the main objective of this project is to expand“the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of ‘Mother Nature’... onto the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland.”

As many as 1,800 women applied to be involved and those selected were informed of the location only moments before it took place. Neither media, the public or police officers were allowed in the private property used to voice this discontent which took place in early hours of this morning to avoid being a scandal to others. Whether this protest will have an effect on the Republican Convention that is about to begin is yet to be seen, what can be affirmed is that this is an interesting and unusual way to make a political claim.


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