As if it were your last day

We as people have gotten so used to a daily routine. We wake up, go to work or school, eat, runs some errands, enjoy our hobbies, and repeat. We live life thinking that there will always be another day. Planning our meals for tomorrow, reserving an event for the end of the month, booking the winter vacation, etc. We fail to realize that the next second from now, everything could change. We hear every day about this person dying here and there and it makes us sad but as long as it’s not you, we move on.

But what if that person happens to be you? What if you were the one stuck in that burning building, or that car accident, or that plane crash? Everything changes. Your life changes.

Think about it. Imagine for a second that you wake up today knowing that it is your last day to live. Would you make this day different than any other regular day? Then why don’t you?

I know it is a lot of questions I am asking, but our repeated routines have put us in a robotic state of mind that we fail to make every day count as if it were our last. Some of us wake up and everything in the morning seems to go wrong. The car won’t start, you spill your coffee, it starts to rain, you sit in traffic, etc. and carry that frustrating mood the rest of the day. What if that night becomes your last? How would that feel, knowing you spent your last day angry at life?

The point that I am trying to make here is that you never know when your last breath will be. There is a world out there made just for us to enjoy. If this message happens to hit very close to home then I suggest you make some changes, you will live life happier and grateful for each morning. Take some time to think about some things that you want to do before you call it quits are really do it! Fix that car already, run the marathon, get that dog, travel, take cooking classes, volunteer, help a stranger, scream from the top of your longs. Forget for a second about everyone else and enjoy yourself and the moments that you have.

Every second must count in our lives. Every person you meet, every situation you face, every circumstance you encounter, make the best out of it! Life has a lot of ups and down, sometimes more downs but it doesn’t matter… situations don’t matter…the fact that you still have air in your lungs, does.



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