Asian Misrepresentation ?

After a series of research and studies, there are only 1% of Asian men that are given the leading roles in U.S. movies. Why do they represent such a small number when Asians make 60% of the world population? To be able to answer that, we must first discover the answer to another question. Researchers wanted to find out how American women felt about Asian men.

"Do you find Asian men sexy?"

The answer was a flat "NO." As a matter of fact, American women found Asian men to be the least attractive than any other race. So why do they find Asian men to be the least attractive? Because the media also maintains this ideal by representing all male characters as undesirable.

"It was very notable to me when I would see an Asian face on screen. And it never really occurred to me how few there were until I saw one." As stated by Hawaii Five-O/LOST actor Daniel Dae Kim.

While white males on the screen are portrayed as strong, brave and sexy, Asian men are typically depicted as nerdy, foreign and undateable. This can convince Asian men that they are incapable of sexual appeal.

I am a Asian-American myself, and I have undergone this problem throughout my whole life. All the way up until high school, I would stay in my comfort zone by hanging around other Asians. I felt like I belonged there and that they would understand me the most. After departing for college, I wanted to expand my horizon and meet new people. Even though the new crowd welcomed me because of my funny Asian jokes, I lost that sense of belonging.  One of life's greatest advice is to "be yourself." Despite staying true to myself, I never received any feedback from American women about my appearance or attractiveness. Instead I endured a long period of time getting rejected over and over by them.

Then a friend of mine (who was popular with the ladies) advised me to switch my style and start dedicating myself to the gym. I switched up my wardrobe and in quote "whitened up." I abandoned my FOB (Fresh off the boat) ways and made a dramatic make over. This popular term is also known as a banana (Yellow on the outside and white on the inside). With the dedicated amount of time I spent in the gym, I was able to develop a bigger muscular body type different than majority of Asian men. It was then that some American women began noticing me. They started complimenting me more about my appearance and a few even went on dates with me. Then I realized despite all the success and attention, I lost my true self. I no longer was the genuine and caring person I used to be. I played the part of the typical white male portrayed on TV, and what American women in society desired. After discontinuing that lifestyle, I have found even more success in my days. This epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks, but it was necessary in order to be truly happy and confident with myself.

Despite the fact that Asian men can be attractive and desirable, the media continues to deny that. Some media outlets are taking notice of this trend, but the only way to truly stop this is to bring awareness and end this stereotype.


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Investigative Journalist/Editor
-Alexander Lee

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