Be an Ace!

Some people fail in their endeavors because they go into them for all the wrong reasons. Some choose certain courses because they sound fancy and telling people they are studying those courses makes them feel important. And some people gather funds from wherever they can find some to start a business because they saw their colleague’s business booming and just jumped in to it to have a taste of good money. As for marriage, many people marry for varied reasons; many of which are fleeting. When the butterflies disappear and the realities set in, they run for the exit.
It is courageous to start something new or set out on a new path. It is not easy and many obstacles might frustrate you out of it. But to succeed, you must carry on with the mindset that you are in to win it. And you can only win it when you are very good at it. Being good at something requires continuous learning, practice and a victorious attitude. Systems are revolving faster than the time it takes the earth to travel around the sun. To keep up, you have to be sharp. Learn everything you can to stay abreast even if it is outside your area of expertise. Everything counts.
Competition is good when it’s healthy but the main competition must be with yourself. You should also work with the intention of being better than you were yesterday. The market will take care of itself if you churn out quality.

Whatever you are; reporter, student, scientist, artist, athlete, entry level staff, CEO. COO, CFO, work to be an ace at what you do. Give no chance to your competitors to call you cheap. Let them wish they work with you.
Start small, dream big. Start well, end great. And through it all, be an ace!

Josephine Amoako © 2016



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