Beauty within you, Beauty within all!

Is it good or is it bad? does it taste sweet or does it taste sour? What may be pretty to you may not be so much, as pretty to me. But in all, there is beauty, reasoning, and perfection. Our human intentions may not always be perfect but our human condition of creation is perfect. Without this perfect balance we would not be walking around with our legs, and seeing with our eyes, or breathing through our lungs. Every part of our body was created inextricably intertwined with all of creation around us. The Co2 we breathe out is the air trees breathe in. The variables for the equation of life to work are so many that we would never finish naming all of them... And this is the beauty of it all. The uncertainty of why we are here, or why in this grandiose planet, or why was I born as me, in my own body rather than someone else's? This is the beauty of the unknown. This unknown must be carried out in our lives with appreciations and gratefulness rather than with fear.  How is it that our white blood cells know when to attack an unwelcome guest in form of infections? What reasoning is there for us humans to even be alive? Who knows, and who cares. Lets just be happy that it is how it is, and the way it is. As long as we are here we should find the beauty in all of creation and be grateful for it. Not only find beauty in the things and people we understand, but we should strive to find beauty in all people and all of creation because its magnificent; specially when we do not understand it.

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