Better to be alone than surrounded by bad company.
How often do you feel like you are lagging behind or that you are not where you envisioned yourself to be prior years ago? How often do you blame yourself? These questions are important for people to ask themselves to self reflect on why it is that we seem to not be advancing or progressing. In other words self-evolving.

Have you ever heard the saying; "you are who you surround yourself with"? This is not just a catchy phrase that has been passed down through the beginning of times just because it is catchy, but rather because every word is true. I myself a senior in college and a business owner can attest to this first hand.

I am currently 24, tuning 25 in February of 2016. My age is important because it wasnt until 1 and half years ago that I was able to gain the clarity to find my purpose and what I want to do in life. Prior to this I roamed this earth aimlessly wanting to find euphoria and harmony anywhere possible, while carrying a storm of calamity inside of me. I always knew I wanted to help the world yet I didnt recognize that in order to do that, I had to place myself in the situations that allowed me to grab the opportunities that could propel me forward into fulfilling my destiny. How was I going to find the clarity I needed hanging around the people who were responsible for clogging my mind in the first place. For my first 3 years of college I was going with the emotions because I believed that my friends at the time would be my friends and family forever. I felt that time would not pass me by and that my fake euphoria at the time would be permanent.

The only thing that doesnt wait for man is death, and the time always keeps ticking towards that destination. Time did go by and some friends graduated, others got engaged or moved away, and once again I was left to ponder upon my own independence, life and goals. Albert Einstein stated that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." At the time I was reading a motivational book which pointed out this phrase and also made me conscious that we become who we surround ourselves with because we become greatly influenced by them. Of course I was feeling trapped after I realized how much time I spend playing FIFA, going to the gym, and looking to do things for "party" purposes. This took me around a vicious circle which I knew from the beginning I didn't want to be a part of, yet I became so blind by it and accustomed by my surroundings and friendships that I couldn't see that I was drowning in my inability to find purpose and clarity towards my path.

At the end of the book I was reading in the summer of 2013, I realized that it was my time to become the leader I wanted others to become. I realized that I was the leader I had been waiting to come all along. I was the person I was waiting for and all I needed to do is distance myself from the stagnant friendships and lagging habits.

We all know what we really want in our own hearts, yet, our greatest light scares us more than our darkness and we mask that by hiding behind bad friendships and relationships that ultimately sway us away from our path to righteousness, honor, love, and fulfillment.

Thomas Paine has it absolutely correct! To become who we want to become we must aim high and surround ourselves with those aiming high, or surround ourselves with those already in a high place who can help propel us upwards. Learn to recognize how and when to distance yourself from stagnant friendships so that you may actually help yourself and ultimately help them in the best way to teach anyone; through example.


written by Juan Angulo

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