Beyond your "Self"

Contentment is usually an idea constructed through our thoughts in mind, and it always seems to be placed somewhere in the near future intertwined with some material object or idea that is beneficial to yourself. We think too much, if I make grades? If I get the promotion, if I make the basketball team, if I buy the i-phone, if I date someone, there is always a future thought nagging us that is only in service to our self-desires. So often that we forget to live in the present, we often take things for granted because we are so worried on what we want next, so much that it seems as if society lives more stressed today than ever before.

We need to accept the reality that we are in infinite space where time is eternal and that our self-desires are temporarily because self is a temporary illusion. We are all here for a short time, and no one is promised tomorrow. Accept the reality that our time here is limited and we might as well make the best of what we've got, rather than focusing our energy on desires that are redundant and superficial that only serve our ego but not our happiness. It is important to recognize that these desires take us away from the TRUTH itself.  We should attempt to practice patience and gratitude; patience and gratitude will give you the clarity to find the internal peace that you have been in search of, and there you will find the LIGHT to LIFE.

Beneath our beliefs as individuals brought by fear and desire we are all in search of love and happiness, we are ONE and the self is an illusion. See beyond yourself to find that internal peace because DIVINE BEAUTY exists in every one of us.

written by Danny Leal

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