#BlueAboutGrey In The Middle East


My name is Diego Bravo. A couple months ago I applied for a job that would take me from Mexico to Oman, a Muslim country in the Middle East.  After a few days I was hired. However, I had mixed feelings of excitement and fear about leaving for this job due to the things I have seen in the news about extremist Muslim ideologies.

Once I got here, my main cultural shock was the way women are treated. With extreme respect, it was quite confusing when I had to greet a woman without touching her. These types of learning experiences are always positive. In my case, I learned how iDIEGOBRAVOmportant chastity is in this culture, and how important it is to respect the body and sexuality of a person, especially women. I observed how important it is for women to respect themselves in order to be treated as they deserve.

Last week my sister told me about a movie called 50 Shades of Grey, and what it was about. I wasn't exactly impressed by the story of the film. I was more surprised by the popularity it had received after its premier. It is a little sad to see how ignorant and diseased people are, knowing that 50 Shades of Grey, a drama about a woman treated as a sexual toy, is at the top of the box office in cinemas all around the world.

How can we occidentals believe that we are more rational than middle eastern countries when it comes to the respect of women?

Some activists in California are now using the hashtag #BlueAboutGrey to raise awareness against the promotion of this film.

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