Bomb Threat at Swedish Airport | Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden's Landvetter airport received a bomb threat this morning, which had police on high alert at every corner. There were two suspicious bags found in the domestic hall that appeared to look like bombs.

"We are in place for a possible bomb threat. Police have asked for our help and we are in place for this reason,"  Matilda Gustafsson, chief of staff at the emergency services in Greater Gothenburg, had this statement to make.

"We have found a suspicious object at Landvetter and received a direct threat to our airport...right now it's a police operation and all other information is through the police," as stated by Swedavia press officer Charlotte Periasamy.

Forex Live reported that the blasts reported were a controlled explosion by authorities.  This comes less than two weeks of the explosion that took place at the Brussels Airport and Metro Station. This left 33 dead and more than 300 injured.


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