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The Boston Globe news publication has turned the heads of many, Sunday morning, as they published a fake front page, which envisions what the world could look like if the GOP allows Donald Trump to become president. The publication has the printed date of April 9, 2017, with a massive headline calling for Deportations to Begin; President Trump calls for tripling of ICE force; riots continue.

            The front-page newspaper highlights fake stories over a market crash triggered through a trade war, the beginning of mass deportations, and a story over the military refusing the orders of civilian leadership.

deportations to begin

Kathleen Kingsbury the editor of the Globe’s Ideas section spoke to Weekend Edition Sunday about the satirical publication. She said that they had fun along the way, but that they used Trump’s tweets and his policy papers to inform the stories.

"His violent mix of intimidation, hostility to criticism and explicit scapegoating of minorities shows that there is a real political movement taking hold in America and that's a movement that we find deeply disturbing, one that we felt we needed to comment on," said Kingsbury.

us soldiers refuse ordersnew libel law

The Republican front-runner candidate Donald Trump responded to the editorial by criticizing the paper calling it stupid at a campaign rally in Rochester, New York.

“It’s worthless, it’s sold for a dollar,” said Trump. “They pretended Trump is president and they made up the whole front page is a make believe story. Which is really no different for the whole paper.”

It is evident that the publication is imagining what a publication could look like in the future if Trump wins the presidency, with the hopes that the American people will prevent him from winning.

The satirical publication has been talked about all over the web and social media; here are just a few tweets.



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