Box Head


From the open world,
with its colors
and its shapes,
into the concrete factory,
with its paleness
and straight edge.
where an ensemble line
of minds,
glides on through
on how to make
an honest buck,
get a house full of toys
and the honors of the proud.

Day by day,
the factory of citizens
so it is so
that desperately,
we seek to fill
the longings
of the infinite soul
with the finite pleasures
of booze, sex, drugs
and rock n' roll.
doing what we do not want
and wanting what we do not do.
spending countless moments
spying through the tube,
and magazines,
to see what those,
that do what they want,

Oh miserable fate,
to do,
what one does not want to do
and watch
those that do.



Written by brother Andres Maria

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