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We often have a plan in our mind of how we want to paint the future of our life; and yet the future is always uncertain and sometimes unexpected events occur that become obstacles to that great plan we had in the first place. We often complain when things don't go our way and we fail to understand that sometimes what we have in mind is not what is meant for us. Our time is limited but God has a plan for every one of us since the beginning of his eternity; and he will throw obstacles our way to make a detour in our life because his plan is much greater. We all go through different situations some may have it tougher than others at times, but those tough times are what shape our own character to become the person we need to become. There is a saying, that everyone eats a pound of dirt in their lifetime some eat it all at once and some disperse it out; or as our friend Vanessa Guild says, we all have our own hurricane Katrina, but its up to us to decide how we want to deal with it. We can choose to complain and make life harder on ourselves or we can learn from it and come back stronger for what the future has in store for us. If your faith is strong you will understand that God won't give you more than you can handle and we must choose to carry our problems as our own cross. Jesus had to carry one which was much heavier with a lot more suffering. Aside from your beliefs we can all choose to look at our problems negatively or as lessons and tests. There will be suffering but we can help one another with a smile and love, because after all that is what humans seek to love and to be loved.

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One Love

written on my ipad in D.C. : Danny Leal


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