'Charlie Charlie' game leaves teens convulsing

According to Caracol, a Colombian news agency, 22 teens have been damaged with convulsions by 'Charlie Charlie', a popular invocation game which presents itself as a much more simple version of the Ouija.

This game gained considerable popularity last year in May when several videos were streamed by game enthusiasts. The 'game' consists in invoking an entity with the name of Charlie, asking 'him' yes or no questions that 'he' will proceed to answer moving pens on the direction of either yes or no.

The alarming experience of the consequences of this game was lived by almost two dozen of teens between 12 and 15 years old. According to the families of those affected, the teens were rushed into the town's emergency after intense convulsing took over the young affected. Caracol news, the Catholic Church and town officials in Novita, Colombia have been assisting the teens with psychological, spiritual, social and medical support.

According to the news outlet, Caracol, those affected may be experiencing what is called a demonic possession. This is the possession from part of a spiritual entity of demonic nature of all the faculties of the victim.

One of the victims claims that “you can end up dying from those games because you know this is something from the devil, and you don't play around with the devil.”

And Claudia Patricia Asprilla, the mother of one of the girls involved, according to CNA said that her daughter “said she doesn't want to go to school because she's afraid, she's frightened and last night she started to (get scared again). I'm worried about this because this is a scary thing. It's something you can't explain.”

This game has definitely has opened up the discussion on demonic entities and their interaction with humans, what is clear is that many have been affected with this sort of occultist trends that end up injuring in different ways those that dare to play such games.


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