Citizen pulls over officer in Miami

Every day we read bad news about police officers where people call them racists, rude or incompetent. And without trying to say the opposite, we should remember that officers are human beings, just like you and I are. Therefore I couldn't keep myself from smiling while watching this video.

On Friday, a woman in Florida pulled over an officer (as bizarre as this may sound). Her complaint? The officer had been speeding on the highway without thinking about the horrible example he was setting for civilians, especially kids.

The officer listened to her carefully without interrupting her, even though she was repeating over and over again her thoughts about his behavior. When the officer asked her if that was the only reason she had pull him over, the woman's response was affirmative. He then apologized and promised to slow down.

During the brief conversation, the woman asked him what the emergency was, to what he sincerely responded: "I'm on my way to work." He offered his name and badge number, as well. Miami-Dade police director Juan Perez told the Miami Herald that the incident would be investigated, and that the woman would not be reprimanded.

How nice is it the fact that this conversation was actually a civil one, where no guns, threats or cursing were involved?

I think they both deserve an applause, the woman for having the courage to speak up, and the man for being humble enough to apologize. We ought to remember that not every police officer is rude or is out to get you, and as much as we'd like to see cops as superheroes, the truth is they are humans and as such, they are subject-able to making mistakes like you and I.

Watch the video and feel free to let us know what you think!

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