Cozy Nest


As my eyes wake
from a dark dream
where I was constrained
in the egg, in the nest, under Ma

And the dark veil fades away
and in awe I witness life outside the egg
with it’s beautiful enigmas!
Ma comes flying to feed us all
within the boundaries of this jealous,
cozy nest.

And so my first days pass by
with my brethren desperately waiting 
for Ma
with food to fly by
I, however,
anxiously waiting
for my wings to strengthen up
to try to mimic the bird’s beautiful flight

Day by day I grow stronger
with the hope to be on this jealous,
cozy nest no longer.
For though I’m thankful to you Ma
for being the vessel of my arrival
in your nest I can not stay
if I want to trace my own way

And the others bicker at my plan;
to fly and explore the sky,
meet other birds and hear their song!
Yet others hate my song
and I wonder why?
Aren’t they also equipped with wings
and made to fly?

Damn this jealous and cozy nest
so convenient for the rest!
Afraid to experience the cold
they would rather, 
in their comfort
turn to mold!

Not me!
I am determined!
Little I might be
but I’ve been given wings!
To cruise the sky, explore…
To be me!
These strings shall tie me no more
and complacency is not a word I want to know!
And you jealous and cozy nest,
with your warmth you shall not suffocate me!
For I am free to choose
I am free to be!

How hard is it to make a decision when you do not know the result? Isn’t that life? A risk? Every decision’s result is unpredictable, and sometimes we prefer to stick to what we know (the jealous and cozy nest) instead of trying something new and exciting! And hence, our life becomes a predictable routine, with no real glare. Always hoping to do something more, but afraid to do so. Let us cast all fear aside, and realize we will never know unless we jump from the cozy nest!



Written by brother Andres Maria

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