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DALLAS - Park Cities Baptist Church held host to many notable speakers in the city of Dallas to set the record straight about the ongoing immigration raids in Texas. Key note speakers included Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Judge Clay Jenkins. Organizations such as Catholic Charities and the SMU Law Center were present to explain how they have been involved with helping refugees in the community.

Mayor Rawlings wanted to ensure that all the rumors about the immigration raids were false and that everything is being executed under the law. He also provided resources on his website for refugees to utilize when making the big move to the United States. As many individuals present were faith driven, the Mayor was not shy to profess his faith in Jesus Christ. He referenced Matthew 25 to the refugee crisis in quote, "When I was a stranger you let me in."

In addition, Judge Clay Jenkins, who played a vital role to the emergency Ebola outbreak dove into the legal, health and safety concerns for welcoming more immigrants into the city of Dallas. In his frequent communication with ICE, he ensured that public safety is the main priority therefore it is imperative to detain all the undocumented criminals rather than an innocent undocumented individual who has been living in the country for years.

Catholic Charities case worker Sahil Gilani came to set the record straight with detailed facts about the vetting process. Rumors speculated that members of ISIS disguised as refugees have been slipping into various countries. Intense security measures such as iris scans and finger printing with provision by the Homeland Secuirty, FBI, CIA and NSA make it impossible for the wrong people to get in according to Gilani. SMU Law Center had Director of the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center Natalie Nanasi provide free legal advice on how to deal with immigration officers in the event of being detained.

The media has been covering  the immigration raids that have been taking place in states such as California and Texas. Most recently in SeattleDaniel Ramirez was arrested in an ICE raid even after providing work documentation to officials. Now Ramirez is suing the government for violating his rights under the DACA program.

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