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Dallas welcomed its first female Police Chief Renee Hall on Monday evening at the Moody Performance Hall. A massive crowd of hundreds of people attended to meet their new police chief. Spectators all crowded around the police chief to grab a picture and exchange words of encouragement.  

Police Chief Hall was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan so she grew from a tough neighborhood that was once nicknamed the "Murder City"in the mid 70's after the city lost more than half its population. Renee served in the Detroit Police Department for 18 years and due to her determination and ability to connect and work well with others, her police chief James Craig bolstered her rank from lieutenant, acting as a prescient commander all the way to the highest echelons of the department. It was a sad day when she left the department in Detroit but the city knows how much of an impact she will make in Dallas.

Dallas Government Body members all shared their excitement to the spectators about their new Police Chief during a press conference. Among those notable speakers were Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax, Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway and Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough.

City Councilman McGough confidently stated that he knows Hall will, "do the right thing and make the right decisions."

When Chief Hall walked up to the podium the audience all gave a big round of applause and cheered vociferously for their 29th Dallas Police Chief Officer. This was the first time ever that woman has been selected to serve in this position and Chief Hall was honored and humbled for the opportunity to bring her gifts and skills to the city of Dallas. She piggy backed on a statement that City Manager Broadnax made when he said "it wasn't a tough decision" when it came time to decide on the new Police Chief. "You mentioned earlier that it wasn't a tough decision to select your new police chief, however I don't believe that was true. I know there were many other great candidates." She also professed her faith courageously and said, "Dallas did not prepare for me to come here. God prepared me to be in Dallas. Please pray for me as your new Police Chief of Dallas."

Chief Hall has enough issues to deal with as the city of Dallas ranks in the top ten in the United States for human trafficking, murder/violence and poverty. "We have a long road ahead of us. We have a community to engage. We have crime to fight. We have youth to engage," Hall said to the crowd. However, "I know that by looking around this room that we have a community that is equally as committed to us as we are to them."

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