Dear America

Dear America,
It’s me again. I know you are busy. I know you have angry people all around that are desperate for changes that will actually impact their day-to-day life, and the lives of their children. We have access to information now like never before and faster than ever before and that information is being used to tear us apart instead of bringing us together. We are more divided than at any other time in our history post-Civil War. Do you remember me? Maybe you don’t notice me anymore. I used to be called the Civil Rights movement, and then I was the NAACP. I was also the Black Panther Party and then Black Lives Matter. Well, part of me was, but now I am considered a special interest group. I’m just here to remind you that in the midst of all this, I hope maybe this time you will listen. Because just like a serious health problem, ignoring it or pretending that it does not exist will not make it go away.

We cannot continue to assume that when a minority says something is racist or has racist elements that they are delusional or crying wolf. History, statistics, and access to new information is proving every day that the issues minorities have been speaking out about for decades are true. But now, after we acquiesce to proving these things to be true, according to the standards of proof that you gave us. We are now being told that those standards of data, historical fact, and statistics are no longer the standard by which to determine if a thing is true or not. We have proven our point beyond deniable probability. We have spent 50 years in preparation. So, Hello America, we are not making this up! We are not saying this to make you feel bad. We are not saying this to divide our country. Your insistence that we stop talking about it, that we not focus on the past, and that we stop using it as an excuse is now hurting you more than it is hurting us. Our desire is not to have to live the life that you are sick of hearing about, not to bring up in the past, and in case you haven’t noticed, we have been excelling in spite of the excuses that you think we are always making. Our desire is to be fully American, no longer 2/3 of a person. Our desire is that you would acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, we are not making this up. Without transitioning into but, although, or however. Our hope is to not wallow in the past, it is to stand for the future. Come stand with us!

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