CULTURE: The death of the CD's

Do you still store photos, videos or music on a CD? You may lose that information because of this. We recommend that you make copies on USB drives or some other type of digital file. What happens is that old CDs are beginning to have a failure known as "disc rot", an error that occurs as a consequence of the deterioration of the unit.

The compact discs consist of a layer of polycarbonate, a reflective metal and a lacquer to prevent oxidation of the metal of the device. The laser of the reproducers impinges on the layer of polycarbonate, reflected in the metallic layer to be able to be read. The problem occurs when the protective coating on the CD is not strong enough, causing the metal to rust and the information on the disc can not be revealed.

One of the aspects that we have to keep in mind when storing information in a physical storage is that in order to access it, we depend on the good state of preservation of the unit that stores the files. That is why it is advisable to make a copy and transfer them before any failure occurs and we lose the data forever. In the case of old CDs, it is time to secure the information they contain in other units.

Because the splendor of the CDs was during the 90's, the albums of that time and around the 20 years or more. This coincides with the estimated time that these storage devices have as their useful life considering the information delivered previously, in addition to damage from scratches or damages from ultraviolet light.

A technology that is already falling behind.

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