Trusting Money is an Act of Self-Loveneeded in time? And do you also remember how thinking and stressing about this “money thing” permeated your thought-stream – sometimes causing it to effect your eating and sleeping habits? NOT FUN!

Now, do you remember that other time you needed money, and you weren’t really sure how you were going to getting it? However this time, instead of doing your normal panicking, complaining, and stressing about it routine, you decided that you were going to TRUST and BELIEVE that it would show up, when you needed it to – and it did.

Because you’re here and reading this, I’m going to assume that n
o matter what you’ve chosen to believe about these kinds of situations in the past, you’ve made it through. So, now that you know you’ll survive your money needs – the real questions become “Do you enjoy your current process for manifesting money?” and “Could it use improvement?

If you would like a better relationship with money, the kind that helps you to KNOW that you can depend on it to be there whenever you want or need it… you’re going to have to learn to trust it to be there for you, more than you ever have before.

Just as it is when we’re in relationship with someone, when we choose to love them, support them, believe in them, and trust them to be there for us, the relationship goes smoothly. And when we accuse them of lying to us, abandoning us, or plain just not showing up for us the way we want them to – they often drift away, or break-off the relationship.

The same is true in our relationship with money.

In those times that you choose to believe in money, to trust it to be there for you, and to support you in reaching your dreams – you make yourself a conduit for it to flow into your world with ease. And, if you condemn money, making it evil, hard-to-attain, or difficult to trust – you are pushing it away from you, making it that much more difficult to experience what you need.

Trusting money to be there for you, is an act of SELF-LOVE! It is deciding that you love yourself, your peace-of-mind, and your ability to create your life according to your dreams, enough to nurture the thoughts and ideas that will help you make that happen. And, being that money is one of the main energies that causes things to move forward in our world – we need to trust it to be there, if we want to live successfully.


Anytime you find yourself stressing about having enough money, I want to invite you to look at your history. When you do, you will discover that every time you’ve ever really needed money in your life, one way or another, it showed up for you. To make your predominate belief about money a more positive one, like  “Money is always there for me, whenever I want or need it to be.” so it flows more easily towards you – I would offer you the following exercise:

Everyday for one month, write down 3 different ways money has showed up for you when you needed or wanted it to. These can be “big things” like receiving a big sum just in time to put a down payment on a much needed new car, to little things like finding $5 on the ground to get a Chia Tea Latte you were craving.

The point is to make the stories different each day, so as to cause your mind to “really get” that you can, and do, manifest money when ever you’ve desired to.

Additionally, to keep help make these new beliefs about money to take root even stronger, I invite you to repeat the following affirmations to yourself several times daily.


❤ I trust money, and money trusts me.
❤ I enjoy spending time with money
❤ I believe that money is here to support me.
❤ I am creating a better relationship with money everyday.

Lots of love, peace, + happiness!

Shared by: Author | Life Coach + Inspirational Speaker Morgan McKean