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____Whether we realize it or not, we have allowed cellphones to become a part of us. We become anxious when we have gone too long without checking Instagram, when the phone is about to reach that 10% battery life, and lets not even mention losing it. It is a scary realization how much importance we have given to it, we cannot be away from it and the world is just passing us by. We are living life in the palm of our hands from other people’s lives. The majority of the time, we are browsing through social media and looking at what other people are doing. We are allowing all of this constant “advertising” to set for us a guide of the life we should be living when life is waiting for us to make our own personal stories. Every individual was set on this earth to achieve a certain purpose.

The problem with constantly looking at other people’s lives is that we are in constant comparison. It gives us that feeling that what every other person is doing, feeling, or the way they look is how we should too. Snapchat stories from friends having fun making you feel like your life is not as fun, following pop celebrities posting pictures of their expensive purchases that you cannot afford, or crying though a Victoria secret fashion show staring at a perfect model body that you don’t have. We feel this necessity of having to show the world that our life is cool for our own personal satisfaction. Instead of enjoying the concert, we snap chat it, instead of soaking in that mountain view, we first have to find the perfect filter to Instagram it, and before we dive into our yummy meal, we have to check in and let others know we do brunch on Sundays.

It is time to unplug from the devise and plug into the world. It is extremely sad that we cannot have dinner with our friends without each of us individually looking at our phones the whole time. We are choosing virtual conversations instead of human interaction. It is necessary to let go of the addiction and help our own selves enjoy time without others necessarily having to know what we are up to. We all need to challenge this. I myself am victim of phone addiction.



  • When it is a sit down meal, let’s leave the phones silent on the table face down without touching them. Talk with who you are with.
  • Don’t let checking social media be the first thing you do in the morning. Wake up and start your day with you. Set your mind to what you are going to do today, meditate, pray, talk to yourself in the mirror, whatever routine you can pick up for you.
  • Don’t hide on your phone when you are near a stranger. An elevator conversation can be cool if you just let go of being scared of communicating, you will never know of the countless number of people you could interact with and bring something positive to their lives through a simple conversation.
  • Let’s enjoy the moment, not always snap chat it. Yes of course we want to look back at that awesome sporting event, but wouldn’t it be better to actually enjoy it? Be present in the present.

We are not all destined for the same things and that is the beauty of options and choices. What others are doing is writing their own stories and we each have the opportunity to write our own. We all as humans have the same responsibility to love and encourage eachsocial1 other, but we each have our own individual purpose of doing it. Our own separate plans can eventually unite us all somehow. By slowly letting go of social media and interacting with one another, it will open up a whole new part of ourselves that is now open to human interaction. Getting the opportunity to listen to other’s viewpoints or life stories will shape us all so much more than what we see on social media that is not necessarily the whole truth exposed. Let’s unplug from technology and dive into reality!


Written by: Valeria Ochoa

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