CULTURE: Eco-friendly revolution

For a few years, words like: eco, bio, ecofriendly, sustainable, ecological, organic, green; are very well seen and used by fashion, used from young, to adults lost in these trips, which is worth mentioning that if you consider yourself "ecofriendly", you should know a little more about it.

¿What's eco-friendly?

The literal meaning of eco-friendly would be: "friend of ecology", that is, respectful of the environment in its daily activities, seeking the coveted ecological balance for the world.

The ECO path does not seek to satisfy the environmental demands, but rather to create a sphere of responsibility where one can live the beliefs about the consequences of the deterioration of the environment that they can have for oneself, for others, or for the biosphere (nonhuman elements of the planet ).

Being a questionable zero fact that in the last years of our history, the human being has made an indiscriminate use of the natural resources, which has caused an excessive modification of the balance of the nature exist human groups oriented to improve the consequences of the damage Caused, if, the ecofriendly.

The first ecological thoughts that were already underway came close to the third quarter of the twentieth century (1950-1975) with three roots: conservation and regeneration of natural resources, preservation of wildlife and movement to reduce pollution and improve life, but environmental concerns have broadened the game, including concepts such as sustainability, the ozone hole, climate change, genetic pollution and everything to preserve a margin in the balance.  

From its beginnings, the ecologists have been behind by different ideologies that existed in the ambits of the society. However, some of them began to realize that resources are limited.

Why to be eco-friendly?

We all have responsibility on the planet, and as already mentioned, resources are limited, because Mars is not yet habitable, because we should not mainly think of another place, because ... the Earth is unique. And we are doing nothing with the current ideology! Because you would improve your food, improve your life in the future, you would be cultivating what is already here and we have been giving the best for the new generations and he, "the world."

"When will the day-to-day green movement continue to grow, feeding thousands of anonymous people with the sole conviction that at some point we do not have to continue this struggle?"

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