Education is must and we demand it!

Education should be a fundamental right for every human being. Everyone deserves to be taught and to be cultivated with knowledge to operate at our highest potential in whichever society we are born in. Not more than 100 years ago in the times of slavery it was illegal to educate a slave, specifically illegal to teach them how to read or write. The elite and rulers of any given society understand that education empowers a man and when you educate a man, you liberate a man.

In America most people have access to a public education limited to only teaching basic math, writing topical papers, and understanding enough to follow societies rules while never understanding the rules themselves or where they came from. What if accessible education was more well rounded and inclusive of other important skills like mechanics, gardening/cultivation, or how to manage your finances and pay taxes. In todays adrenalized and collar tight stressed society, what if education taught how to manage our breathe, calm down and handle life with less stress. What if public education had a division on how to understand and become a happy person? For me understanding happiness may be just as important if not more than learning other subjects like science. My experience with public education was mostly about implanting and engraving this idea of adopting and being loyal to this "American Dream"; go to school to get a good job that will make a lot of money to buy all the things that bring "happiness". Of course there is not scientific data that shows that spending your money brings lasting happiness.

Schools dont teach us how to be innovated, creative or much less how to be happy. We pass through a system that teaches how to comply with whatever system is in place while never teaching us to to coexist in peace and harmony with ourselves and each other. We need a system that promotes social equality and awareness for environmental protection instead of the system that we have today that disregards both.

If our educators are failing to teach our society properly, we must take matters into our own hands and learn by our own accords. Learn from others, learn through experience, trial and error, borrow books, attempt mental exercises, and adopt habits that can propel you into a balanced and successful joyful life. It is not about how accessible education is, its about the quality of the education being provided. Lets fight to elevate society by providing accessible but most importantly quality education for every human person in this planet, so we may become aware on how to live in harmony with each other, with mother earth and secure a stable future for the generations of humans we are leaving this planet to. EDUCATION>MANIPULATION.

Written by Danny Leal & Juan Angulo


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