CULTURE: The energy of hugging

Did you give a hug today?

A hug is a tool that can do us much good, it is an exchange of energy between two people which must be mutual. When we embrace with a spirit of solidarity and joy, we bring energy to our senses and reaffirm our confidence in our own feelings. It is simply grandiose, the perfect way to show the love we feel when we do not find the right word to show appreciation, joy, satisfaction, consolation, among others, make life lighter.

The benefits of hugs are more extensive because they directly impact your health, reduces feelings of anger and apathy, relaxes muscles, releases tension in the body by balancing the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, promotes happiness and improves your Mood boosting serotonin, strengthens your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, the University of North Carolina suggests that when other people embrace you increase the levels of oxytocic in the blood, better known as the hormone of love .

Hugs, now that you know this information about hugs it is time to make it a daily task, to give some hugs a day and thus contribute to the well-being of your body, health and happiness.

A hug...

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