CULTURE: Europe driverless public transportation

On the outskirts of Berlin, Michael Barillère-Scholz is testing a driverless and utilitarian vehicle for public transportation service.

This could be the worldwide public transportation of the future, and the idea is to make a less luxury driverless car that looks boxy and with the capacity to carry 12 passengers.

“We want to show that autonomous cars don’t have to be limited to luxury consumer vehicles, they also have a role in public transport,” Mr. Barillère-Scholz said. “The market in Germany for this type of vehicle is huge.”

While cities in the United States — including Ann Arbor, Mich., and Las Vegas — have tested some of these mass transit driverless vehicles, Europe is a particular hotbed of this activity. That is because of the region’s densely packed urban areas and decades-old and widely used public transit systems, which often include subways, trains and buses.

These cities already have functional driverless public transportation...

Lausanne, Switzerland

Trikala, Greece

Zhengzhou, China

Wageningen, Netherlands

Milton Keynes, UK (2018)

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