Facebook creates app functionality that describes images for the millions unable to see.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg himself, a new video confirms that the social media behemoth is currently working on artificial intelligence technology that describes images to blind users. Zucherberg has stated in many different occasions that his goal for Facebook is that it is so accessible that everyone on this planet will able to use it. The vision with this upgrade is that Facebook may adapt to ones disabilities as is the case with millions of people; blind people in this particular case. Although Zuckerberg admits that the company is still in the early stages of this technology, it is clear that the potential for future development is immense.



Facebook has been clear that this technology is just being fully developed and it even intends to answer questions about pictures or specific posts to users, but it is trying to avoid mistakes like the recent case where Google,s automated voice system accidentally compared black couples to gorillas which forced them to issue a public apology to avoid a public lawsuit.

app describes images

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