Fight Right by Josephine Amoako

When we were young, the word ‘fight’ was painted to only mean violence and so the act was to be avoided if we wanted to called good children. But growing up, we’d all agree that there’s more to the word and to be able to make it in life and earn the spot we desire on the world map, we often have to ‘fight’.

All is fair in love and war, they say. Life is a war, it seems. You win some battles, you lose some but you never stop fighting. You fight till you kill the war or till the war kills you. Some go all out and do whatever it takes to get what they want and deal with the consequences later. Selfless soldiers enter deadly zones, put their lives on the line to ensure peace in war-torn areas. Some come back with blown-away limbs and have to deal with the pain but they are forever hailed as heroes.

Nothing comes easy; a good grade, job, friend, spouse, family, even a good meal takes effort. It takes a good fight because most of the time, one has to go an extra mile against the wishes of the body. Determined students have to fight against the will of the body to sleep to put in more study hours so they can excel. To qualify for a promotion, one has to do more than what his job description requires to catch the eye of management. To keep a good friend or partner, one has to first be a good companion to the other. You receive what you get. You can’t just pray to have a good family. One has to constantly work at it to see the results you desire.

The trick is picking your fights well. Not all battles are ours to fight. We win some fights by just walking away and not giving your opponent the pleasure of seeing your dark side. Whatever struggle you may be involved in, make sure that at the end, you don’t lose yourself. Winning any fight which leaves you scarred or damaged to the point that you can’t recognize yourself is not worth it. Some people have done unspeakable things to attain certain possessions and positions and at the end, have changed for the worse. They wished they could go back in time and fix things but have realized with regret that is not possible.

Everyone as long as he lives, is a fighter. It is only called dirty when you cheat and hurt another in the process. So by all means, fight for what you believe in, who you love and what you deserve. Above all, fight the good fight of faith against depression and anything else that oppresses you and God will win your battles for you.

Are you winning this round?

Josephine Amoako (c) 2016


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