NEWS: Food Waste, a global problem

Hunger is still one of the most urgent development challenges, yet the world is producing more than enough food.

Food waste or food loss is food that is discarded or lost uneaten. The causes of food waste or loss are numerous, and occur at the stages of production, processing, retailing and consumption.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away up to 40% of food that is safe to eat.

It is an excess in an age where almost a billion people go hungry, and represents a waste of the labour, water, energy, land and other inputs that went into producing that food.

Donors, bi- and multi-lateral agencies and financial institutions and private sector partners (the food packaging industry and others) developed and implemented a program on food loss and waste reduction. The operation for this global initiative is founded on four pillars:

  • Awareness raising on the impact of, and solutions for food loss and waste.
  • Collaboration and coordination of world-wide initiatives on food loss and waste reduction.
  • Policy, strategy and programme development for food loss and waste reduction.
  • Support to investment programes and projects, implemented by private and public sectors.

The SAVE FOOD approach works within international framework such as the Millennium Development Goals, the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals, the Post 2015 Agenda, and the Zero Hunger Challenge.

Next time you throw food to the trash can, make sure it's not eatable. 

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