Google Search: "How can I move to Canada?" rockets 350% | TRUTH News

Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday with seven states as opposed to his runner up Ted Cruz whom won three. Despite the opposition of Trumps political comments, he managed to lead the way as the Republican presidential nomination.

The polls resulted with an enormous Google search on "How can I move to Canada?"

Shortly after Roger's tweet, another Twitter user announced that searches increased 1000%.

“Dynamic changing data” and “that’s up from when I tweeted it” was all Rogers had left to say upon the discovery.

The question begs, why are so many Americans seeking to move to Canada when Trump is leading the polls? Trump has been criticized for his comments on Muslims, building a wall between the Mexico-US border and neglecting the traditional conservative orthodoxy by many Democrats and even among some of his runners in the GOP. With so much opposition to his candidacy, why are so many citizens willing to support him?



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