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On Tuesday morning, Jalil Dawood came to speak at a Wingmen meeting in Dallas. The Wingmen are a group of men of all different ages seeking to build community and fellowship with one another. It provides an opportunity for men to build accountability with each other through discipleship and to serve their communities. Jalil came to share his testimony and the work he is currently involved with.

Jalil Dawood grew up in Baghdad, Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein. These were tough times for the people of Iraq because they were under political, war, religious and social justice tensions. Any Christians that were discovered would immediately be killed. This left many Christians silent about their faith in order to preserve their family and their own safety. Because Jalil's father wanted a better future for his son, he gave him his entire savings to escape in search of a better life.

Jalil was hesitant at first to leave his home, family, friends, traditions and culture behind. He would be dropping everything he once knew for a new life. In August of 1982, Jalil was ready to flee to Italy. However, in order to leave he had to get his documents signed and his passport stamped. When he met with the military official that was going to approve his documents and passport, he was nervous and afraid of being denied. Through divinity, the officer approved his documents and passport. Jalil faced more opposition on his way, nonetheless divine moments kept coming his way.

Eventually after fleeing from country to country, Jalil made his way into the United States. He first landed in New York and then made his way to Dallas where he still resides today. After 20 years of balancing work and studying, Jalil was finally able to obtain his Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in Cross Culture Studies.

Jalil runs a non profit called World Refugee Care. Through this organization fueled by gracious donations, he is able to feed and clothe and share the gospel of Jesus to refugees coming into Dallas. Because he knows what its like to leave everything behind and adapt to a new world, he wants to make the transition as comfortable as possible for these people.

Nevertheless, his work does not end here. Jalil serves as the senior pastor at the Arabic Church of Dallas in Plano, Texas. Jalil continues to travel back and forth to his country of Iraq and has been able to see his parents again, but it is an extremely difficult and risky move because of the continual religious persecution against Christians.

In order to get directly involved with assisting refugees coming into Dallas, go to the World Refugee Website. In order to find out the rest of his testimony, copies of Jalil's book, "The Refugee" is available for purchase online.


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