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Anne Sumner, a physician for the National Institutes of Health was in Dallas, Texas on Monday for a conference held by the American Heart Association. She was notified by one of her dear friends Thomas Fetterman, founder of the Peace Tips Project that the Haitian Amputee Soccer team would be showcasing a game nearby on the same day of her arrival in the Grand Hyatt Hotel at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. It was at that moment that she knew it was destined for her to attend the game.

Sumner was picked up by one of the volunteers of Operation Go Quickly from the airport and driven to the Crown Life Lutheran Church where the Haitians would scrimmage against the ladies from Fever United. Sumner was involved with a spinal chord injury years ago that left her with limited mobility. It was the help of forearm crutches that enable her to walk today. Prior to kick off, Secretary General of the Amputee Federation Fred Sorrells presented Anne Sumner with a painting done by Fracillon Chery to thank her for her involvement and major contribution to the Peace Tips Project. Due to the help of Fetterman and Sumner, the Haitian amputee soccer team are able to walk/run on their crutches with high quality tips.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti back on January 2010, 1 million Haitian's were displaced without a home. Many of them lost their limbs from the tragedy and could not find a way to mobilize themselves. At that point, wheelchairs were no longer accessible due to the terrains while regular crutch tips would die out fast. Thomas Fetterman has been using crutches since he had polio in 1953. Throughout the years of studying, testing and experience he was able to craft the best crutch tips possible. Thomas started the Peace Tips Project in order to help and provide the impaired all around the world have accessibility to the best quality tips out there. Typical crutch tips last for a couple of months whereas Peace Tips last years. And the best part is that the recipients of leave a message of peace as they navigate on the grounds.

The Haitian's conclude their Texas Good Will Tour tonight at the Colleyville Covenant Church against the FC Dallas U17 girls. Kick off is at 7pm.

The following morning on Wednesday, the Haitian soccer team will continue their Good Will Tour through Little Rock, Arkansas at the Boys and Girls Club. The team will then work their way through Nashville, Tennessee and then conclude in New Orleans as they fly back to their respective homes in Haiti. On behalf of Operation Go Quickly and Peace Tips Project, "Thank you so much for all your support."

To get directly involved with this project please check out the Operation Go Quickly and Peace Tips Project website.


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