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The Haitian amputee arrived into Little Rock on Wednesday afternoon and visited the Boys and Girls Club. The team were introduced by non other than Operation Go Quickly President Fred Sorrells. A few of the team members then demonstrated their skill sets and even invited some of the boys and girls to pass the ball around. Every child that went up to play had the biggest smile on their faces. 

Afterwards, the team went to New Life Baptist Church where they were given a place to sleep and eat. The church members provided the team with air mattresses, cots, blankets and meals. Also, the team were given a platform to share their testimonies during the church's Wednesday night service. The production team played trailers for the two documentaries that Operation Go Quickly is working to produce. The Pursuit of Hope and Fracillon's Dream.

Towards the end of the service, members of the church were asked to voluntarily pray over the team members for their journey. To wrap things up, Pastor John was presented with the official USA vs. Haiti jersey. The room was overfilled with tears, joy and hope. 

Immediately after the service, church members were able to take a glimpse of the Haitian soccer team scrimmaging together. Church goers were also able to see the fabulous art work done by Fracillon Chery on their way out.

One of the church memebers and videographer Eric Spangler initially invited Fred to come to their church to stay. Their pastor was born with a birth defect on his left arm where it did not grow fully. Because he was able to connect with the team members on the same level, he realized that the circumstances weren't by chance but a divine intervention waiting to happen.

After a long discussion with Fred Sorrells, acting Secretary General of the World Amputee Federation he decided that he wanted to train for the USA amputee soccer team and also start up a local club in the area.

The team will continue their tour in Little Rock by visiting the local VA hospital on Thursday for a demonstration. They will conclude at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock women's soccer match against the University of Central Arkansas. During the halftime show, the team will play a short exhibition match against each other. The team will then head off to Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday morning to continue their tour.

You can find more information of events and ways to get directly involved by visiting the Operation Go Quickly website.


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