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On Friday morning the President of the Haiti Amputee Football Association Ariel Valembrun, Vice President Fracillon Chery, and team capitan Manley Osias, went alongside the acting Secretary General of the World Amputee Federation Fred Sorrells and Pastor John of New Life Baptist Church to the Verizon Arena Theater for a special segment on 103.7 The Buzz.

The gentlemen joined hosts Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, and Roger Scott on air for the "Show With No Name." Fred had the floor to share about his experience with the Haitian amputee soccer team and to shed light on the sport of amputee soccer in America. He also wanted to provide a message of hope for the disabled all across the world.

Pastor John who was born without a full left arm got to tell all the listeners about his experience growing up under those circumstances. "I just want to let people understand that there are no limitations except for the ones you place on yourself," said John. He also wanted to let encourage the disabled individuals in Arkansas that you can still do more than you can imagine even with major setbacks.

Coach Axel Laine trained John on how to be a goal keeper and he even played around with some of the players. This enabled him to understand where their playing level was at. "I played soccer for 14 years and after playing with these guys, they are world class athletes," he said. John was able to empathize with the Haitians and expressed his deepest respect for how they overcame such horrible circumstances.

Secretary General Sorrells also shared about the exhibition match that would be taking place next week against the FC Dallas Developmental Youth Team next Wednesday at 7pm on the Coleman Complex field. He implored those attending to bring any old soccer gear and crutches that have been placed on the side to help the Haitian's for their return back home.

The team then had the spotlight during the University of Arkansas at Little Rock vs. Central Arkansas half time show. The team had 15 minutes to scrimmage each other in front of a full stadium. The audience cheered loudly for the team and afterwards they flocked to the players for pictures. Also, pastor John stared in his first ever amputee soccer match as a goal keeper.

After the game the team headed back to New Life Baptist Church to rest and prepare for the next leg of their tour in Nashville, Tennessee. Tomorrow the team will be playing against a local club at the Merrol Hyde Magnet School stadium. A very special guest is expected to be in attendance for the match.

To find ways to get involved with the Haitian Amputee Soccer team visit the Operation Go Quickly website for more information.

Operation Go Quickly and the Haitian Amputee Soccer team want to extend their gratitude to 103.7 The Buzz and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for providing a platform for Haitian Amputee Soccer team. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.


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