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The Haitian amputee soccer team enjoyed their Monday afternoon with some solar eclipse action and rest. Giscard Ciney who helped Fred Sorrells start the Haitian amputee soccer team invited the Haitians out to his U15 soccer club practice. Meanwhile, Operation Go Quickly President Fred Sorrells and two of his volunteers took Francillon Chery to the Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Center for an Amputee Coalition meeting.

President Belinda Jacobi of the Amputee Coalition warmly welcomed the guests and gave a brief introduction about Fred and the Haitian Amputee Soccer team. From there Fred took the floor and introduced the audience with a brief clip of the Cup of America championship match against the USA.

After the video he immediately shared about the sport of amputee soccer and its continual growth in the United States. Currently, the USA amputee soccer team is looking to expand it's program all throughout the states in America. Dr. Sorrells encouraged everyone to reach out to any amputees they know to get them plugged into the program.

Fred then went on to discuss about the team's journey from California all the way to Indiana. The American Goodwill Tour has been an absolute blessing and honor for the team because of the love they have experienced from God's children.

At one point Fred asked his volunteers to share about their experience. He called upon Operation Go Quickly Volunteer Jennifer Fails to discuss about her experience from Haiti up until now. Jennifer recanted her recent trip to Hobby Lobby with two of the team members to buy some materials. "What should have been a short trip turned out to be a long one because of the language barrier. Nevertheless, it was so fulfilling to be apart of this trip and serve the team because of the love and passion you see in them," said Jennifer.

Fred then wrapped up the remaining presentation with Francillon's testimony. On the fatal day of the earthquake, Francillon heard a voice telling him to go inside his church as he was walking by. He was unwilling to go at first but the voice kept speaking to him louder, so he finally decided to go inside. Moments after, the earthquake destroyed all the buildings and homes around except for the church. You can watch the trailer for Francillon's Story here. Operation Go Quickly is working on developing The Pursuit of Hope and Francillon's Story into two short length documentaries.

After the presentation, all the audience members were moved by all the stories. Members of the Amputee Coalition began asking ways that they could get involved. At the end, many connections were established for future collaborations.

However, the most unique component of the day was how everything came about. Dr. Fred Sorrells reached out to Belinda Jacobi two days ago when he unexpectedly arrived to Jeffersonville, Indiana. He asked her if there was any program that he could set up at the Southern Indiana Rehab Center, but nothing was open because people were wrapped up with the solar eclipse. But there happened to be an Amputee Coalition meeting that evening so Belinda graciously opened up the floor for Fred. Once again God delivered another divine appointment at the spur of the moment. The team could have easily had the entire day off, but God had bigger things planned for the team and that is what made the trip worthwhile.

Here is the remaining schedule for the American Goodwill Tour: 

Tuesday August 22nd: The Haitian Amputee team will revisit Merrol Hyde Magnet School to be recognized again and have a meet and greet after the schools soccer game.

Wednesday August 23rd: The Haitian Amputee Soccer team will take on the FC Dallas men's youth developmental team at the Cole Complex in Little Rock, Arkansas at 7pm. There will be a special award ceremony for the team during the halftime.

Thursday 24th: The team will have time to rest and recoup for their journey back home.

Friday August 25th: The volunteers of Operation Go Quickly will drive early in the morning to Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport and the team will fly back out to Haiti. This concludes the American Goodwill Tour.

To find out how to get directly involved in helping the Haitian and USA amputee soccer teams and producing the Pursuit of Hope and Francillon's Story, visit the Operation Go Quickly website.


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