Happy Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day but I'm not quite sure people understand the significance and history behind this day. Today we honor those who bravely served to protect our country and our freedom. We should all take the time to thank those that we know who have served in the armed forces. It takes a lot of bravery and selflessness to make the decision to serve on active duty. Unfortunately, today we are having a crisis with our war veterans. Everyday 22 veterans take their life due to the strain and impact the war has left on them. The sad news doesn't stop there. Not many veterans receive financial aid or assistance after returning from war. Some come back to receive only a purple ribbon in exchange for a missing limb. Because these veterans are not provided with adequate treatment needed after war, they seem to be left with one of two options: either keep moving on or end your life. Also, after the Vietnam War, many soldiers that returned home were shunned and perceived to be bad people. Why is it that our veterans are not receiving the proper attention and honor that they deserve? Who could be solely responsible for their mistreatment?Image result for veterans day march


Let's dig first into the history of Veterans Day. In November 1919, President Wilson claimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. An act that was approved on May 13, 1938 allowed Armistice Day to be a yearly holiday to honor those who served in the armed forces during WWI. However in June 1, 1954, due to the extravagant amount of people who served during WWII, the Act of 1938 was slightly amended. The word  "Armistice" was replaced with "Veterans" and that year President Eisenhower declared the first day to honor all veterans. Ever since then we made it a tradition to take time to revere those who have lost their lives and those who are still here as testimony.

But things have changed since then. Our culture has shifted into a different direction. People are using these holidays as an excuse to party and celebrate with drunken debauchery. This is mainly prevalent in the college society, and it's strange that students would find an excuse to get drunk and chant "America!" or "U-S-A!" We take the freedoms that we have for granted, and forget to truly appreciate the value of our veterans. Just imagine a world without these brave men and women standing up for their country. We would probably be limited to the things that we could do and say. For one second, close your eyes and see if you could live your life as comfortably as you do without the service of our brave men and women in our past and present. This may help you see the value that our veterans hold.

The United States of America has been a free country for 239 years and it's still going thanks to our leaders and the people that serve our country. In life, we are never to take anything for granted, because we don't want to live with the regret of losing somImage result for veterans dayeone or something precious. It doesn't cost anything or take much time out of the day and thank a veteran you may know. Also, taking the time to thank them can generate so much good, you never know what it could do to their day. It's fine to go out and celebrate with your friends on this day, because our veterans worked hard and sacrificed so much to let you have the opportunity to do so. But let's remember today's true meaning. So how will be spending your veterans day?



-Alexander Lee


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